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Please read this entire document carefully before agreeing to services with HR Panel. Make note of important information regarding your use of our services and please visit this page periodically for updates and revisions.

Avoid scams and fraud by dealing locally!

Beware any deal involving Western Union, Moneygram, wire transfer, cashier check, money order, shipping, escrow, or any promise of transaction protection/certification /guarantee.

By using this service you are agreeing to the Terms of Service Agreement as laid out below. Please read this document carefully and ask any questions you may have. If you do not accept the agreement terms below, then do not engage the service. Use of this service is an effective agreement to these terms. This document may be revised by HR Panel at any time. Such changes will automatically be posted here and you should visit this document occasionally to refresh yourself with any changes in policy.


  1. The User

  2. User Account and Password

  3. User Information

  4. User Submissions

  5. Site Content and Content Distribution

  6. Security Policy

  7. Acceptable Use Policy

  8. Specific Prohibited Uses

  9. Copyright Infringement and The Identification And Transmission of Such Materials

  10. Repeated Violation of Copyrights and Removal of Accounts for Other Abusive Uses of This Service

  11. Our Liability

  12. Damage Disclaimer

  13. Our Limits of Liability

  14. Links, Advertisements, and Offsite Content

  15. Unauthorized Commercial Activity

  16. Removal of Services

  17. Indemnity

  18. General

  19. Additional Terms of Use

The User

The "User" or "Account Holder/Representative", for the purpose of this agreement, represents both employers and job candidates that sign up for an account to these services. "Signed Up" accounts will have a Username and Password to access the site and services for posting and broadcasting. All other responsibilities and conditions placed on the user are outlined in this agreement.


User Account and Password.

The maintenance of the username and password of this account are the sole responsibility of the user. Any use of this service both authorized and unauthorized are the responsibility of the user. It is also the responsibility of the user to notify HR Panel and its affiliates of any unauthorized use of these services.


User Information.

When You register for the service, you will be asked to provide HR Panel with certain information including, without limitation, a valid email address. In addition to the terms and conditions that may be set forth in any privacy policy on this site, you agree, as the User, to HR Panel right disclose to third parties, on an anonymous basis, aggregate information in your account.

HR Panel and its affiliates will not disclose to any third party your name, address, e-mail address or telephone number without your prior consent, except to comply with laws or in legal proceedings where such information is required by law or writ of subpoena. We reserve the right to offer third party services and products to you from this organization. Such offers may be made by this organization or by third parties.


User Submissions.

All content provided by the User is the responsibility of the User. All materials must be accurate and provide no false or misleading material. Any materials posted to this site are the sole responsibility of the User and the User must bear the consequence of any action taken due to inappropriate information posting.

HR Panel and its affiliates cannot guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of information and exchange posted by Users or endorse any opinions expressed by Users. Any reliance on the accuracy, truthfulness, reliability, timeliness or other status of the material posted by other Users will be at Your Own Risk.

HR Panel is a passive information posting and retrieving system with no in place system for screening user information input. Because this information is not screened, we are under no obligation or responsibility to guarantee the information is accurate, truthful, not misleading, or legally represented. Such obligation rests solely on the User and information posters. Should HR Panel or it affiliates become aware of or be informed of a violation of the Terms Of Service as laid out in this document, an investigation of such information. Such investigation would determine the validity of such information and determine whether the information is to be removed or maintained. We reserve the right to remove any posted materials or User accounts should we deem these to create a liability for or become disruptive to HR Panel and HR Panel Services. Such action would apply as well should said content or users interfere with HR Panel and Its Affiliates ISPs or other commerce suppliers.

All content posted by users to this site by the user grants HR Panel and its affiliated companies and partners the permanent, nonreturnable, relicensable (within the HR Panel family of companies), non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, modify, incorporate, publish (in part or full) in any media form or technology now known or to be developed at a later date. Such license is also given to display, communicate, store, access, and view such information. All information posted is understood to be accessible by all other users of our services, forgoing any information that is specifically stated to be private and nonretrievable by users or other entities.

Any links, HTML, programming, or scripting will be disabled when posted to any HR Panel or affiliated boards and services.

HR Panel is not permitted to receive creative ideas, suggestions, invention plans or submissions, or input on how to modify, adapt or upgrade it services via these services unless the materials or ideas are specifically requested by this organization. We do value your input but request that when contacting this organization that you are specific in your request to our services and refrain from the submission of creative ideas, suggestions or other input not specifically related to your ability to use or access these services. Should such information, creative ideas, suggestions, invention submissions or ideas, concepts, graphics or other information be submitted to this service, HR Panel Jobs, HR Panel or its affiliates, the information shall become the property of HR Panel and its affiliated organizations and companies. We reserve the right to use all information posted to this service without compensation to you for the use commercial or otherwise.


Site Content and Content Distribution<

The contents of this site are not intended for reproduction or redistribution. Use of this site is a single-view license agreement and only authorizes the user to access their account for the purpose of using this site. By signing up, you agree to not redistribute this content or modify the code for any purpose. All site text, graphics, code and other elements are the sole property of HR Panel and are intended solely for the purpose of facilitating this service. You may only use this site for the intended purposes as outlined in this agreement. You are not allowed to resell this information or this service.

This site, its contents, the HR Panel and HR Panel names and logos are all protected under both United States and International Copyrights laws. Unauthorized reproduction or redistribution may violate these laws. Please submit any questions regarding this content to HR Panel for consideration.


Security Policy

User access and services are restricted to those services associated with their account. Any attempt to violate, misuse or acquire data and account information, not specifically granted to them through their service, is a violation of this policy. Any attempts to probe for weaknesses in the security or to scan these systems may result in termination of account and access to this site. Any attempts to use this service to "crash", "bomb" or "packet-flood" will be considered a destructive act and will result in the termination of account services and (if applicable) reports to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Use of this site for spamming purposes and the forging of email information will also result in the suspension of account services. All such accusations of violating this policy will be investigated and dealt with on an individual basis, in cooperation with law enforcement when applicable.


Acceptable Use Policy

This site is intended only for the gathering and distribution of resumes and jobs to subscribers both in the employment sector and job-seeking sector of the market. Users of this information must be subscribed and cannot redistribute or resale the service to any other person or organization. Any application outside this use falls outside our Acceptable Use Policy. <


Specific Prohibited Uses.

This site may only be used for the purposes as stated in this agreement. Any other use may be considered a violation of these services and could result in the removal of account services. Below is a list of specifically prohibited acts that will result in the removal of services:

  • Posting any incomplete, false or inaccurate information.
  • Posting information that is not yours, or acting as an agent for a living individual seeking employment on a full-time or part-time basis on his or her behalf.
  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), pyramid/ponzi schemes, "club membership", distributorship or sales representative agency arrangement or other business opportunity which requires up front or periodic payments, pays commissions only (except for postings which spell out that the available job pays commission only, in which case such postings are permissible), or requires recruitment as a source of revenue are expressly forbidden.
  • Changing or removing any material posted by any other person or entity.
  • The use of any software or hardware that directly interferes with this site, affiliated sites, and their services.
  • Any action that creates an unreasonable load on system resources of this site and its services.
  • Disclosing to or sharing your password with any third parties or using your password for any unauthorized purpose.
  • The use of any software that is not authorized by this site (Authorized: I.E Explorer, Netscape, AOL) to navigate or retrieve content from this site.
  • Any attempts to interpret, modify, copy or reverse engineer code within this site and related services.
  • Resale, aggregation, or redistribution of this material outside the acceptable uses as laid out in this document.
  • Any link, framing or use of this site, its contents or graphics outside the framework as provided by HR Panel and HR Panel Services.
  • Any service, job, or organization that engages in offensive trade or materials not deemed by this organization to be suitable for posting within these services such as Adult/Sexually Oriented, inflammatory or other businesses. These determinations are the right of HR Panel and HR Panel to use at our own discretion.
  • Any posting that presents illegal information, acts, or requires users to commit unlawful acts. Should such materials be brought to our attention, they will be removed and the appropriate law enforcement authorities will be notified.


Copyright Infringement and The Identification And Transmission of Such Materials

Should your information, logos, or other copyrighted information be uploaded to this service in such a way that infringes upon your copyright, please inform HR Panel and provide the following information:

  1. Written or electronic signature and identification of the user or representative of the owner of the materials and copyrights
  2. Description of the materials that are being infringed and the location and specific use that you deem infringes said copyrights and other rights held by the owner or representative of the holder (You must include enough information to allow us to locate the material or the action that is deemed to infringe said copyrights)
  3. Any and all contact and identification material such as name, address, phone number, email and any information that will help us validate that you are the specific holder of said copyrights and other rights that have been deemed to be infringed upon
  4. Written or electronic statement made by the owner or representative of the owner of the copyrighted material, made in good faith, stating your ownership and the nature of the violation of such rights held by your organization from any materials, or other information posted to this service
  5. An accompanying statement, made under penalty of perjury, stating your ownership or right to represent ownership of such materials that have been deemed to violate your existing rights and copyrights of such posted materials and information.


Repeated Violation of Copyrights and Removal of Accounts for Other Abusive Uses of This Service.

All intellectual property that is not specifically licensed to or owned by the user and/or the representatives of the user is the responsibility of the user. All legal actions, costs, and penalties are the sole responsibility of the user and agents of the user. As a condition of use of these services, you agree to not use these services in such a way that violate the intellectual property rights of other users and nonusers of these services. Any accounts that have been deemed to violate these intellectual property rights will be terminated without notice and access to these services may be blocked. The right to take these actions at any time are reserved by this organization and its affiliates without notice or liability to the account holder and users that are being blocked.


Our Liability.

HR Panel is merely a venue. These sites and services act as a conduit for employers and candidates to post jobs, resumes and retrieve such jobs and or resumes through authorized account actions. We do not screen or censor the listings offered.

Because we do not screen this information and merely provide the conduit of transaction, we have no control over quality, validity, or legality of the information posted. Accuracy, truth, legality and other responsibilities are solely those of the employer and candidates that post such information. Any responsibility for physical harm or violation of rights through the contact of other users of this site is specifically assumed by the user and contactee. All actions as a result of contact or information exchange via these services are the exclusive responsibilities of the users involved.

HR Panel and its affiliates do not take action to verify or authenticate users or who they claim to be. Because we do not engage in this activity, we cannot become involved in the user-to-user interaction or contact. Nor can this organization or its affiliates be held responsible for the behavior or activities of such users. By using this service, you release HR Panel and its affiliates and its affiliates of any legal responsibility of any resulting action of such user-to-user interaction. All actions legal, illegal, suspected, unsuspected, disclosed or undisclosed are also the responsibility of site users. If you are a California resident, you waive California Civil Code d1542.

We hold no legal obligation to control information provided by users of these services which is available through our website. Materials can be offensive to other users and may be harmful and/or inaccurate in nature and even misleading or deceptive. Please be aware of this when accessing these services and sites.

HR Panel and its affiliates make no representation of the accuracy of information posted. Any typographical errors, incomplete information, or timeliness of content are the sole responsibility of the user and acting agent of user posting to these services. The use of these services is at your own risk.

By use of these services, the user both acknowledges and agrees to take solely responsible for the form, content and accuracy of any resume or material posted to these services.

HR Panel and its affiliates do not guarantee that these sites and services will run ERROR FREE and WITHOUT DEFECT of virus's or other harmful programming that may result in the damaging of equipment or loss of service. If you use these services, you take responsibility for all data loss or equipment replacement as a direct result of these services. These services are provided "As Is" without warranties or guarantees about the accuracy, reliability, completeness or effectiveness of the content, services, software, graphics and any and all links or advertisements.


Damage Disclaimer.

Under no circumstance shall HR Panel and its affiliates be liable for any damages that result from the use or inability to access and use these services (whether or not we have been advised of possible damage).


Links, Advertisements, and Offsite Content.

Any third party links are solely the responsibility of the third party holder. We are under no obligation to verify, validate or investigate the validity of content, accurate representation of information and services, safety of their service or any specified or unspecified legal issue related to the content, services or harmfulness of the third party link. Such links are merely provided as a convenience to the user and should be accessed at your own risk. All content and actions resulting from access of such links are the responsibility of the third party link holder and the user accessing the link and or advertisement banner from these sites and services.


Unauthorized Commercial Activity.

By using these sites and services, you agree not to reproduce for use (commercial or otherwise) the materials, services, contents, programming and or other features of this service that are not specifically granted to the user by this document. Such use will be deemed as a violation of account services and will result in the removal of account and legal action when necessary.


Removal of Services.

HR Panel and its affiliates reserve the right to remove any and all materials posted by the user to this site. Any materials that are deemed offensive, harmful, or otherwise deemed undesirable by HR Panel and its affiliates shall be removed without the users consent and without notice. Such action will be taken for the breech of agreement as laid out in this document or if the organization is unable to validate any information posted to this site by users or agents acting on behalf of the user.



By using these services you agree to defend any and all information posted to these services and the effects of said information, content and user-to-user interaction whether they be harmful or otherwise. You agree that HR Panel and its affiliates are blameless in any and all legal violations civil actions resulting from materials that you provide to these services. This organization shall provide written notice to your organization or representative promptly should such claims arise, suit or other proceeding. We will assist you at your own expense in the defense of such claims or proceedings regarding this information. Such assistance shall be limited to providing accurate information about the placement of content to the services as expressed in the Terms of Service in this document.



HR Panelor its affiliates make no claim that the materials provided by us or by the users of this site may be legally viewed or accessed from countries other than the United States. Should you access the materials or contents of this site from outside the United States, you do so at Your Own Risk and are responsible for the effects of non-compliance with the laws in your jurisdiction. Changes to these Terms and Conditions shall be made by a revised posting of this page. Please Check This Page Periodically For Updates To The Terms of Service.


Additional Terms of Use.

Areas of these sites and services may be subject to additional terms of service and use. Should such terms apply, additional links to these terms will be provided to the user.


All materials within this site are under the sole ownership of HR PANEL. Any reproduction of this material is expresslly forbidden without the direct consent of HR PANEL. Select the Contact Us link for additional information.
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