Job Title: Process Engineer

Job Location: TX - Houston
Job Description:

The Process Engineer is responsible for developing the process design criteria for the project in 
conjunction with the Project Manager. The Process Engineer prepares process flow diagrams, 
process simulations, heat and material balances and relief system analysis as the project 
progresses. The Process Engineer will also assist in the Mechanical Engineering staff in completion 
of Mechanical Engineering activities for the project.
Define process design requirements for the project.
Prepare various studies associated with design concept.
Prepare process flow diagrams.
Prepare process simulations (UniSim).
Prepare heat and material balances.
Perform relief system analysis.
Prepare dispersion analysis.
Piping and Instrument Diagram Development.
Provide support to mechanical engineering group in completion of mechanical engineering activities.
B.S. in Chemical Engineering.
Minimum of five (5) years of experience in process engineering activities.
Experienced in use of UniSim/HYSYS process simulation software.
Experience in design of upstream oil & gas facilities.
Must possess excellent communication skills and “get things done” attitude.
Willingness to work overtime.

Other Job Information

Salary Range: