Job Title: Sr. RF Engineer

Job Location: NJ
Job Description:

Sr. RF Engineer
Location: Thorofare
CID:  HMXGIK - 11017A

SUMMARY: Requires the ability to develop leading edge, complex transmitter and
receiver technology. With little supervision, works creatively and independently to
establish objectives, meet deadlines, and complete difficult engineering 
assignments by demonstrating full competency in one or more engineering areas. 
Assists substantively in planning technical aspects of projects, as well as design, 
testing, and use of major system components.

 Designs TX and RX circuits, complex impedance matching configurations and
RF circuits employing lumped passive elements, device and transistor active
elements, RF ICs and circuit layout techniques.
 Designs, simulates, specifies, and tests various RF hardware designs for
EAS/RFID components and systems.
 Interacts with technical staff colleagues to foster research ideas, new product
development, and to develop and hone research/experimental skills.
 Supervises one or more engineering assistants and/or engineers, as needed.
 Leads the deployment of the Solution Development and Innovation process, by
 Develops a complete product or system, independently or in a team.
 Acts frequently as project engineer on major projects following a staged gate
development process.
 Contributes significantly to technical papers.
 Mentors junior technical ladder staff.
 Bachelor..s degree in Electrical Engineering, typically a MS or Ph.D. (preferred).
 3+ years related experience; or Ph.D. degree with 2-3 years experience; or MS
degree with 5 years experience.
 Specific ability to design sensitive receiver and transmitter applications ranging
from low MHz through UHF band and above, including mixers and RF signal
 Ability to perform simulation and theoretical analysis using computer applications
to support design efforts.

Other Job Information

City: Thorofare
Salary Range: $75K - $80K
Relocate: Yes