Job Title: Sr. Electric Drives Systems Engineer

Job Location: NC
Job Description:

As a Sr. Electric Drives Systems Engineer, you will plan, coordinate, and carry out the product analysis, 
design, and/or testing activities for electric drive components and systems in Deere products worldwide. 
Electric drive system components include motors, generators, power inverters, safety protection devices, 
control systems, conductors, and connectors.   In addition, you will:

Serve as a technical lead for overall electric drive projects and executes CCDP and EPDP to deliver 
production components and systems into vehicle EPDP programs while meeting budget, schedule, and 
quality metrics.
Design - components and systems; will work with the platform engineers to define and develop the 
engineering specifications of electric drive systems for EPDP programs.
Lead the design and selection of components and systems; will deliver electric drive solutions across 
multiple Deere platforms.
Work to achieve commercial goals, for example cost targets, for electric drive components and will strive to 
reduce development time and expense by leveraging knowledge, components, and suppliers across the 
Design - vehicle integration: A Senior Electric Drive Systems Engineer works with platform engineers to 
integrate the electric drive system into the vehicle. This involves designing electric drive system interfaces 
and specifying the related vehicle systems to meet the platform's vehicle requirements. Examples include 
geometric placement of electric drive components, gearbox interfaces and gear ratios, oil cooling circuits for 
electric machines, liquid cooling circuits for motors and drives, mechanical interfaces for inverters, electric 
machines, and wiring harness, and assembly, service, and safety aspects of electric drive system 
During physical vehicle evaluation, will support the on-site build, commissioning, and testing of the vehicle 
integration aspect of the electric drive system.
Modeling/Simulation: responsible for the development of appropriate system models representing the 
dynamics of the electric drive components, systems, vehicle interactions, and control algorithms. This 
includes the successful application of model based development in the design process.
Support the development of system control algorithms to solve complex problems.
Vehicle and system commissioning: assist platform engineers to commission new systems and vehicles, 
including troubleshooting vehicle system problems and giving technical guidance to product platforms.
Project lead: Duties also include leading project teams supporting EPDP and CCDP programs. These 
activities include managing work flow, supporting documentation creation, and participating in activities 
such as FMEAs, design reviews, change management, and product validation.
Project management activities will include budgeting, cost roll-ups, resource planning, project reviews with 
the platforms, metric tracking, and project reporting. This engineer will focus on business aspects and will 
strive to execute the projects according to the platform TIC, NRE and capital goals. In addition to vehicle 
projects, this engineer may lead enterprise "Expert Teams" (cross-functional enterprise working groups).
New project ideation: Electric drive technology can provide vehicles with differentiating value to customers, 
increased productivity, increased uptime, and reduced input costs. For this reason, electric drive systems 
are expected to be applied more frequently on our products in the future, replacing mechanical and 
hydraulic drive systems in some applications. This engineer will contribute to identifying potential electric 
drive applications with differentiating value to customers, working with vehicle platforms.
Mentoring: This engineer will mentor and coach less experienced engineers on the team. This includes 
technical and non-technical areas. EPDP Sub-Processes beyond Product Design: A Senior Electric Drive 
Systems Engineer will support program activities broader than product design. This includes electric drive 
safety practices and, more generally, program activities with safety and compliance, manufacturing, 
customer support, supply management, and marketing.

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