Job Title: Resettlement Logistics Case Manager

Job Location: TX - Houston
Job Description:

Description: Assist newly-arrived refugees to become self-sufficient through Reception & Placement, 
Match Grant and Case Management services. Services include: reception of new refugees, provision 
of goods and services to allow for successful resettlement in the U.S., job development; and 
placement of new refugees in employment positions according to program guidelines.

Main duties include: 

Set up apartments and prepare housing for all new arrivals including all household items

Identify stores in Houston area and shop for house items for refugee clients

Deliver sofas and other furniture for all new arrivals

Maintain inventory control for R&P household items

Meet with clients to determine their need for items and communicate with them about deliveries

Arrange appointment and transport clients to health screening, welfare, Social Security, WIC, etc. 

Assist with school enrollment

Complete paperwork documenting donations and deliveries

Communicate with donors and clients with integrity and good customer service

Pick up new arrivals from airports when needed

Pick up donations from various locations in the Harris county area

Organize, clean, and maintain donations and the AMCS storage area

Capacity: Pre-arrival preparations for 350 cases/year

Provide transportation to employment

Pickup and deliver donations for R&P and MG programs in coordination with MG Self-sufficiency 

Perform grocery shopping and apartment setup including housing evaluation for all R&P arrivals

Preparation of required monthly case status reports

Must perform job in a safe and ethical manner

Other duties as assigned by the Resettlement Manager

Required Qualifications and experience at this Level

Strong inter-personal skills

Other Job Information

Salary Range: