Job Title: Manager of Project Management

Job Location: IL - Rockford
Job Description:

	The Project Manager has responsibility for the successful execution of turnkey projects, including 
achievement of contractual requirements, customer satisfaction, cost forecasting and control, scheduling, 
quality and performance.  Manages overall project performance (scope, safety, quality, schedule, 
innovation, cost, and customer satisfaction).


•	Review contractual requirements of the project and manage all contractual milestones including 
schedules, payment terms, required documentation, design reviews, etc.
•	Create internal detailed project schedules that clearly define all requirements for all departments and 
incorporate sufficient cushion for risk mitigation to ensure we perform within budget and contractual 
milestone obligations.
•	Work with cost accounting to develop detailed project budgets that fit within the profitability 
expectations of management.
•	Manage project budgets and identify risk areas that need to be addressed to keep projects within 
overall budget expectations.    
•	Maintain build specifications for each project as a primary source for communicating project 
requirements and expectations.
•	Develop and maintain Rolling Action Items List (RAIL) to capture all open issues, non-conformances, 
defective work items, and potential improvement opportunities.
•	Know the details of your project and have a technical understanding of your equipment by:
o	Being involved in design reviews
o	Tracking material status
o	Being present and involved on the assembly floor
•	Be the project “Overseer” to monitor schedule and budget performance thru various methods such as:
o	Team meetings to confirm schedule status
o	Track part shortages for each order/project and work with purchasing to address shortage issues, 
schedule delays, and budget issues.
o	Monitor progress on the assembly floor
o	Monitor departments compliance to processes and procedures
o	Make sure machines are complete and avoid sending known issues into the field to fix later with few 
and approved exceptions
•	Manage assembly activity for your projects
o	Work with Team Leader to develop assembly plan
	Working within schedule and budget
o	Work with Assembly management for logistics and resources
o	Define resources required and timing for them
o	Develop daily and weekly plans to prepare for upcoming tasks
o	Work thru issues that may impact the plan
o	Monitor # resources to work on machine according to the plan
•	Be a leader in addressing and resolving issues and helping each functional area to be successful:
o	Clear communication via meetings build specifications, RAIL, transmittal meetings to line up 
downstream departments such as assembly and installation
o	Be the “Go To” person to address issues that transcend across multiple departments
o	Don’t just record issues and assign people but monitor them and help to bring them to a quick 
•	Maintain white boards on the floor for key projects
o	Keep them relevant and precise
o	Keep them current
•	Lead the following team meetings:
o	Weekly team project meetings
o	Engineering design review meetings
o	Assembly preparation meetings
o	Ready to Ship meetings
o	Installation preparation meetings
o	Post mortem (lessons learned) meetings
•	You will be the point of contact with the customer to:
o	Communicate status
o	Resolve open issues or conflicts
o	Communicate information between companies
o	Monitor and control activities to avoid scope creep
o	Address commercial change requests 
o	Ensure all contractual requirements are met
•	Reports project status and performance data as required to management and stakeholders.
•	Demonstrate commitment to a Continuous Improvement philosophy including support of all quality, 
safety, productivity and performance improvement initiatives.

	•	Project Management Professional (PMP) certification preferred
•	Strong interpersonal skills required
•	Able to work with minimum supervision
•	An understanding of Lean and Six Sigma preferred
•	An understanding of assigning costs to the manufacturing process
•	Expert at communicating to all levels, able to effectively communicate with plant personnel, plant 
leadership, customers, and corporate level management
•	Proficient in project management, with excellent analytical and organizational skills, able to manage 
multiple projects simultaneously, to organize and prioritize tasks, make appropriate decisions, and be 
comfortable in a setting where schedules and priorities change daily
•	Good knowledge of large machine tools preferred
•	Experience in using SAP preferred
•	Must be a U.S. Citizen or hold a valid green card•	
	•	Able to be clear minded and rational in stressful situations
•	Good knowledge of large machine tools preferred
•	Experience in using SAP preferred
•	Must be a U.S. Citizen or hold a valid green card

	•	10+ years of relevant Project Management Experience required.  Must have experience 
managing projects in the $8-10 million dollar range or more.

	•	BS degree in Project Management; Electrical, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering is mandatory. 

Computer Skills
	•	Proficient understanding of scheduling and software applications (e.g. Microsoft  Project) is 
•	Proficient use of Excel, Word, PowerPoint software

Other Job Information

Salary Range: