Job Title: Mechanical Engineer

Job Location: IL - Rockford
Job Description:

Position title:	Mechanical Engineer
Reports to:	Supervisor Controls Design
Department:	Engineering

	Locate control equipment to operate machines in the most effective way to meet the 
customer's needs 
including ease of machine operation, tool change, part removal, and maintenance per design 

Duties and Responsibilities	•	Generates PWS plan drawing.
•	Locates controllers, hydraulic, coolant, lubrication, and pneumatic equipment.
•	Locates operators console and electrical duct way. 
•	Locates push-button and junction boxes on machine for optimum wiring and operation. 
•	Locates hydraulic, pneumatic, coolant, and lubrication valves for best wiring and piping 
•	Selects, lists, and orders necessary equipment to wire and pipe machines. 
•	Provides shop guidance in interpreting drawings or planning pipe and wire runs. 
•	Designs systems within budget and identifies changes to plan. 
•	Designs special electrical enclosures for manufacturing (transformer stands, capacitor stands, 
operator's consoles, etc.) 
•	Assists with any other tasks as needed. 

	•	Must have excellent written, verbal, and listening communication skills.
•	Must have hands on shop experience. 
•	Must have knowledge of layout guarding. 
•	Must be familiar with CADAM to generate drawings for designs.  
•	Must be familiar with CRT operations related to Budgeted Time and Bill of Material system. 

	•	Three to five years experience in a similar field. 

	•	An associate’s degree in a technical field or equivalent which provides extensive 
specific knowledge. In absence of an associate degree, 5 or more years of experience in a similar 

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